Protected Areas

New water sanctuaries: Once local funding sources have been secured, watershared comprises two complementary mechanisms: the first of which is the creation of new water sanctuaries above cities and towns that will protect in perpetuity the critical water sources upon which local residents depend. Corantioquia (the Regional Environmental Corporation of Central Antioquia) is working to declare a series of new protected areas. These new protected areas will contribute to the water supply of the city of Medellin and other communities. The Las Alegrías reserve will strengthen a 160,000 ha conservation corridor for the endangered Andean spectacled bear, while the Alto Anorí and Bajo Cauca Nechí sanctuaries will contribute to bird conservation in lowland and subandean forests. Other areas will protect the Medio Magdalena wetlands and the Rio Medellin. In Bolivia indigenous Guarani in Huacareta and Machareti municipalities have declared the legal protection of more than 200,000 ha of water sanctuaries above their communities.