Byron Swift


Byron has dedicated the majority of his career over the past 35 years to helping build local capacity for land and resource conservation throughout Latin America. He has worked to catalyze the creation of protected areas and support innovative programs in watershed protection, sustainable development and environmental policy. He has also published widely on the themes of biodiversity, natural resources management, climate change and industrial pollution. An environmental lawyer, Byron has previously directed Nature and Culture International, the United States office of IUCN – the World Conservation Union, and Rainforest Trust, which he founded.


Lucila Castro

Director, Argentina

Lucila is the director of Natura’s Argentina office, based in Córdoba, and leads the organization’s work on the establishment of protected areas, evaluation of conservation priorities, and the biodiversity of wildlands. A conservation biologist, she has conducted extensive fieldwork in Andean and Chaco ecosystems, including the study of flamingos, the salt lakes of Argentina including Mar Chiquita in northeastern Córdoba Province.  She is currently working on a PhD in conservation biology at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

María Laura Steffolani

Conservation biologist

Laura is a biologist and conservation biologist and works to develop Natura’s conservation projects. She holds degrees from the National University of Córdoba (BS) and the University of Salamanca, Spain (MS). She completed an internship with PBI in early 2016 and later joined the staff in our Argentina office. Laura’s interests are conservation and biological behavior.

Victoria Lassaga

Conservation science intern

Victoria is a biology student at the National University of Córdoba. She is now finishing her thesis about mammals in southern Córdoba province, and has done volunteer work with turtles in La Coronilla, Uruguay. Victoria wants to specialize in conservation and ecology.

Imanol Cabaña

Conservation biologist

Imanol has assisted the Natura Argentina program since 2014 as a scientific advisor, and now is formally part of that office, working principally on the evaluation of potential protected areas and collaborating in outreach work with local communities. Ima is a biologist finishing his PhD in Biological Sciences at the National University of Cordoba, focused on animal behavior, population genetics and herpetology.

Enrique J. Derlindati

Scientific Advisor

Enrique is a scientific advisor to Natura Argentina and a professor and researcher at the National University of Salta. He has extensive experience studying high Andes flamingos and wetlands, and also researches the responses of forest birds to human activities. He received his PhD from the National University of Tucumán, Argentina.

Fernando Barri, PhD


Fernando is a researcher and professor at the National University of Córdoba, in Argentina. He was the director of the nature reserve, Vaquerias, that belongs to the university. He has a Master’s degree in Wildlife Management and a PhD in Biological Science. He is now in charge of the project “Actions for the Conservation of the Southern portion of the Great American Chaco” in partnership with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.