Natura International helped support the creation of the Traslasierra National Park in Cordoba province by contributing to scientific research concerning the region’s fauna.

Our History

Natura International has its roots in Pacific Biodiversity Institute (PBI), a 20-year-old nonprofit research and training organization based in Washington State, USA.

In 2018, PBI closed permanently. With effort and prioritizing its programs for wilderness conservation, conservation leadership, and work with early warning systems for biodiversity, PBI rearranged its strategy into a series of more effective organizations: the Center for Large Landscape Conservation, the Institute of Conservation Biology, and Natura International. Thus, that same year, the Natura International team constituted its team based in Córdoba, Argentina, for the promotion of protected areas and specific programs of protection, conservation and education on environmental care and endangered species.

Natura International participated in the Nation’s Chamber of Deputies Commission on Natural Resources and Human Environment Conservation Commission hearing on the future Ansenuza National Park and its importance for flamingos and migratory and resident waterbirds.