Natura International helped support the creation of the Traslasierra National Park in Cordoba province by contributing to scientific research concerning the region’s fauna.

Our History

Natura International initiated a program of on-the-ground conservation in Latin America in 2017, when it supported work on a trans-Amazon conservation corridor. In 2018 it initiated a major program in Argentina, when it invited the Argentina office of Pacific Biodiversity Institute to join our staff when that Institute had to close. This staff had been active since 2014 in efforts to create a national park in the Sierra de Famatina in the Andes of La Rioja, and assisting efforts to create Argentinas largest national park in the globally important wetlands of Mar Chiquita.

Since then, we have added as priorities the creation and conservation of additional protected areas in Mendoza and Salta provinces, together with related sustainable development, scientific and educational programs. Currently, in 2019, Natura International has a conservation team based in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, and an office in Washington DC.

Natura International participated in the Nation’s Chamber of Deputies Commission on Natural Resources and Human Environment Conservation Commission hearing on the future Ansenuza National Park and its importance for flamingos and migratory and resident waterbirds.