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An invitation to rethink protected areas

By Biol. Agustina Di Pauli

Today more than ever it is clear…
April 19, 2021/by Natura International

Mar Chiquita is home to the largest clutch of Chilean flamingos in South America

Mar Chiquita Lagoon, a saltwater body of water located northeast…
March 26, 2021/by Natura International

The Dulce River marshlands are seriously threatened and require urgent protection measures

By Enrique Bucher

Wetlands are among the most threatened ecosystems…
March 22, 2021/by Natura International

The closed sky of open-pit mining

By Sofía Dottori Fontanarrosa

Mining activity is a type of…
February 12, 2021/by Natura International

The challenge of sustaining contact with the territories at a distance

By Victoria Lassaga, Laura Steffolani, Rosario Espina and Andrea…
January 21, 2021/by Naturabo

The Mount in Questions

By Biól. Cristian Schneider

Although since the sanction of the National Law 26331 of "Minimum...
January 21, 2021/by Naturabo

Coronavirus and the environment: The best remedy against pandemics is caring for nature

By Lucila Castro, Director and Natura Argentina Team

It is…
January 21, 2021/by Naturabo

High-impact integration for the valuation of Protected and Conserved Areas and their people

By Ana Julia Gómez 

The Celebration of Protected and Conserved…
January 21, 2021/by Naturabo

Chronicle of a drought announced

By Sofía Dottori Fontanarrosa - Geologist

The Paraguay River…
January 21, 2021/by Naturabo

Fresh Water for the Future: Time to Protect Wetlands

By Agustina Di Pauli, Sofía Antonena and Yanina Druetta - Natura…
January 21, 2021/by Naturabo

Laguna Brava, an oasis for flamingos, declared a Ramsar Site since 2003

By Natura International

Through a Framework Cooperation Agreement…
September 27, 2020/by Natura International

Fires: much more than smoke and ash

Federico Kopta, Biólogo
Foro Ambiental Córdoba – Asociación…
September 27, 2020/by Natura International

The unprecedented threat in history

By Natura International

According to a United Nations study,…
September 27, 2020/by Natura International

The Importance of a Wetland Law

By Ana Di Pangracio
(Deputy Director of Fundación Ambiente…
September 27, 2020/by Naturabo

Our Planet’s Crisis

By Byron Swift
Founder of Natura International

Whose responsibility…
September 27, 2020/by Naturabo