Mission and Vision

Our mission

Natura International is committed to saving natural lands and ecosystems through the creation of protected areas, and creating the local capacity to manage and protect these. In doing so, we hope to conserve biodiversity and the life support systems that all life depends on.

Our vision

We strive for a planet Earth where the diversity of life thrives, and human lifestyles are in balance with nature. We aim to inspire conservation of our natural heritage, to sustain the extraordinary diversity and beauty of life on earth.

Methods and Principles

How do we achieve this mission and vision?

  • We believe in bottom-up action through the dedicated efforts of our diverse staff located on the ground in key biodiversity regions in Latin America;
  • We work in collaboration with government, communities and local partners to achieve our conservation results, while recognizing the need for communities to benefit from the conservation programs and sustainable management of natural resources; and
  • We protect the capacity of ecosystems to provide services such as the provision of clean water to benefit communities  and motivate them to conserve the natural environments around them.